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We cover your Boiler, Heating and Home Appliances

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Welcome to Platinum Home Care​

Giving customers peace of mind for years

We’re experts in providing specialist warranties. At our core is a determination to take the worry out of your appliance and electronic problems. That’s why we specialise in protection plans, where you pay a set price each month for approved repairs from expert engineers.

We provide great appliance cover for your home with value and cover in mind. We cover all makes of appliances and we are one of the most competitively priced providers in the UK. We value our customers and as such provide the best experience we could possibly do from initial sign up to claims.

If you need your home appliances protecting you’ve come to the right place. We can help with a truly extensive cover at a low price to suit anybody’s budget. See how we can serve you by the contact form on the contact page.

Been inconvenienced when one of your appliances has broken down? We’ll cover you for a wide variety of situations including accidental damage, breakdown and more! We provide a swift and reliable service that can get you your appliance repaired or renewed in no time. Our processes are built with you in mind so you can rely on us to make sure you get the most from your cover.

Our Services & Pricing


Boiler Breakdown Cover - £9.99 per month or £95 per annum

Breakdown cover for your boiler.


Boiler Breakdown and Central Heating Cover - £24.99 per month or £225 per annum

Breakdown cover for your boiler and central heating.


Electrical Appliance Breakdown Cover - £24.99 per month or £225 per annum

Cover for your electrical appliances, from Fridge Freezers to Kettles, Stoves, Microwaves and so much more.


Comprehensive Cover - £29.99 per month or £300 per annum

Comprehensive cover for your boiler, central heating and electrical appliances.

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